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Illumagie - Andrea Sigl

Take a trip through my porcelain studio on my website. Light objects, sculptures, lamp design and pictures of different work processes give you an insight into my working world. Each object is handmade and unique in its kind.

About me and my work

I love to transfer an idea creatively into a definite form with my hands, searching for special details in the design, especially the shaping and the surface, of the object that comes into being. The materials are different: Clay, bronze, but mostly porcelain. This passion has its origins in my childhood. If there was something that was truly forbidden, it was to come close to my mother´s display cabinet with her fine art porcelain tea set in it. Every now and then she would delicately remove a cup from its saucer and hold it up against the light, the piece revealing a watermark portrait of a Japanese lady in the base. This was pure magic for a little child like me then! How did this woman get into the teacup? Today, I am surrounded by porcelain in my own studio. I still love playing with light, and even the magical moments haven´t left me. The challenge of working with porcelain, the technical precision and the complex procedure needed to achieve a fitting use of forms in such thinness originates from a deep fascination by the translucence of the material. The metamorphosis from supple, weak and fragile to physically hard and durable; the contrast between radiant and dark; the transformation of a uniform white into subtle tones of light: Particularly in these times it is a privilege to work with light and fragility. The equally diffuse and precisely transcribed shining objects (“shimmering islands”) are creations that remind one of coral pieces and floral-like animals and underwater shapes. The material “Porcelain” with its tenderness, fragility and translucent properties meets this subject matter perfectly. When switched on, the light objects come into effect, like a magical glow coming from somewhere else. When turned off and emptied of light, they turn tangible and their substance becomes verifiable.

At my studio